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NETCFD is one of the finest binary options trading centre available online. There are many that you will come across on the net but getting a safe trading experience along with value added services is not seen in many sites. At NETCFD this is truly a great package. There are different account types and each account has some value services added to it. Before we go to the different accounts we have to assure the readers that this is apart from the training that new entrants get. The new entrants are treated royally and given a crash course on how to get the feel of trading.

Types of Accounts

When you look at the accounts they offer, you will see a standard account, premium account and infinity account. NETCFD offer eleven value added services and all the services are assured for the infinity account. The basic services offered are six in number. A daily analysis of the trading scenario is given. There is a mobile application and a tablet trader in the values services for the basic account which is the standard account. Tutorials through eBook and videos are offered as a basic service. The 24 x 7 customer service is the most basic support that you get in NETCFD.

Value Added Services

The clients who have enrolled for the standard account type can access the webinars. Webinars is a new word coined for the new age of internet. It means seminars conducted through the web. These webinars are bound to be useful and one can learn a lot form this. The most outstanding feature of this company is management of personal accounts. This means that the accounts are tailor-made according to the needs of the client. What the clients have to note is that at NETCFD, they offer six out of eleven services that they have, for the minimum account type.

Reliable Platform

The standard account type can be started with a minimum of 500 Euros. Even with this amount you will find the trading pretty simple as the trading platform is absolutely reliable and user friendly. Most binary option sites have confusing options and if you are not a pro or if you lack the intuitive feel for trading you will be floundered. At NETCFD there are no such fears and all that you have to do is keep track of what is happening. The steps are clear and in case of doubt the support staff is always by your side.

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